Get a loan – amount of 1500

is a proven lender. So far, the loan has already taken almost 100,000. customers, and the opinions about the lender are very positive. ‘s flagship product is payday loans for a period of 30 days. In order to take out a loan, you must submit an application on the lender’s website (with the first loan Continue Reading

Non-bank Loan for Online Installments up to 20,000 PLN to 48 Months

 Non-bank loan for online installments (online) is an increasingly popular form of borrowing money. It must be admitted that in recent months, online loan companies have come to provide such installment loans. The selection is growing, and the search engine and comparison engine of installment loan companies can help you choose a favorable loan company, Continue Reading

Fixed Rate Mortgage: How It Works, Calculation of Installment and Best Offers of Banks

The Fixed Rate Mortgage is a form of financing in which a sum of money is disbursed, for the purchase of a house, and the amount is then amortized, ie returned upon payment of constant installments throughout the period of duration. of the financing itself, usually for a period ranging from 10 to 30 years. Continue Reading

Installment Credit Comparison 2019: What the installment loan really matters.

Installment loans, also referred to as purchase credits, are among the most widely used types of loans in credit comparison. The lender gives the borrower a loan for a certain amount of money at a fixed interest rate. The borrower repays the loan, including interest and any applicable fees, back to the lender in installments Continue Reading